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No tour dates are currently scheduled.
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06.10 - New Merch Store Now Open!

Hey everyone, we are stoked to announce the grand opening of our new official Strung Out webstore! Its now located at and we are looking forward to our new relationship with them. To kick things off, we have an exclusive pre-order offer for our upcoming new album "Top Contenders..The Best Of Strung Out" which comes out July 19th. There is 500 limited edition colored vinyl double LP's available along with a few different bundle package offers that are great deals for our dedicated fans. All the songs on this album where remixed and remastered by Ryan Greene and seriously have a new life to them. Also included are 3 brand new tracks for your listening pleasure. Click here and get to shopping!

12.10 - Strung Out Tattoo Pics Needed!
We are beginning to assemble a retrospective album and need some help from our loyally inked fans. The music portion of the album is already in the works, and will include a number of surprises, both new and old. But in order to create a truly unique collection, we are asking that all our fans with Strung Out tattoos send us high-quality photos of their tattoos along with their full name, city, state, and country of residence, to be included in a massive gallery in the albums packaging. Please email all submissions to The deadline is January 31, 2011.

08.05 - Interview in Florida with alligators and goats!
Check out this interview we did in Florida a few months back. There's some alligator wrestling and Jordan dances with a goat.


08.05 - Jordan Burns nominated best punk drummer
Jordan Burns was voted into the DRUM! Magazine "Drummies" readers poll awards for for his 3rd time. Taking the runner up position, he was nominated into the "Best Punk Drummer" category again along with Travis Barker, Tre Cool, Josh Freese, and Brooks Wackerman. "Its an honor to be included into these prestigious awards, and to be surrounded by such great company" he says and thanks anyone and everyone who voted for him. You can see the all the results, as well as his 3 congratulatory ads from Mapex, Remo, and Promark, in the August issue of DRUM! Here are the past results JB's been voted into for "Best Punk Drummer"

2005 Modern Drummer Magazine
1. Travis Barker
2. Tre Cool
3. Josh Freese
4. Darren Pfeiffer
5. Jordan Burns

2004 Drum Magazine
1. Travis Barker
2. Josh Freese
3. Jordan Burns
4. Tre Cool

2003 Drum Magazine
1. Travis Barker
2. Jordan Burns
3. Byron McMackin
4. Josh Freese

10.10 - TOUR UPDATE:
Check out this video:

10.08 - STRUNG OUT CONTEST: Win a Guitar, Signed Copy of Our New Album, and entire backstock albums!

Revolver Magazine is having a contest to win a Jackson guitar (like Jake Plays), a signed copy of our new album "Agents Of The Underground" and copies of our entire backstock of albums.

Click here to enter:

Revolvermag contest

Good Luck!

09.28 - We're leaving for tour tomorrow!
Check out our tour dates, we're heading out tomorrow. Hope to see some friends out on the road. We'll be with our friends Pour Habit, Nations Afire and The Flatliners. Round up your friends and come party!

09.28 - Listen to the new album now before it is goes on sale tomorrow!
As many of you know, our new album "Agents Of The Underground" goes on sale tomorrow, Tuesday Sept. 29th. Preview it here before it is released courtesy of AOL music. Then tomorrow, pick up a copy of the cd for yourself and experience it in full quality sound.

09.27 - KROQ will play "Vanity" on air tonight
Tonight from 9-10pm pacific time, KROQ 106.7 FM will be playing "Vanity" on their Locals Only show. Tune in and check it out.

Click here for live internet stream

09.26 - Japan & Costa Rica
We are happy to announce that we are finally making it back to Costa Rica again. It's been a long time since we first went and we are excited to get back there. The first time we came to Costa Rica, the show was so insane we were all blown away. So now you Costa Ricans have to go crazy again. We cant wait! The show date is now posted so check our tour dates for the info.

We are also really happy to be getting back to Japan! Again it's been quite a while since we've been there and we know we have a lot of eager fans wanting to see us. For both Costa Rica and Japan, these dates come with good timing as we have just released our new album Agents Of The Underground, and we're looking forward to playing some of it for you!

Well spread the word and we're all super excited. We can't wait to see you all again.

Love Strung Out

09.19 - New Myspace Page Today
We are happy to announce the launch of our new myspace page!!! This comes in conjunction with us being on the front page of Myspace Music. We've now posted "Black Crosses", the first track off our album "Agents Of The Underground", on our myspace music player and it is available for a free download at so go ahead and help yourself. One more reminder to take advantage of our sweet presale offer for "Agents Of The Underground" before the sale ends on Tuesday, September 22nd. Click right here for the presale special.

09.18 - Presale Offer Ending Soon
We wanted to let everyone know that our presale offer will be ending on Tuesday, September 22nd so if your planning on ordering, make sure to do it as soon as possible so you dont miss out. You can click right here to be taken directly to the offer. Get it while you can!!! We've been busy opening up CDs and signing them for you all. Its a tedious, time consuming thing but, all worth it for our awesome fans who support us so kindly. We greatly appreciate all of you. Thanks so much and hope your all stoked on the new album.

Love Strung Out

09.15 - Phase 2 Presale Offer
Holy Cow! The first phase of our presale offer sold out in just a few days so the key chains are no longer available at this time. We will still be offering up a signed copy of Agents Of The Underground, but it will now come with a copy of our Prototypes and Painkillers CD, along with a special limited edition Maroon and Gold Astrolux window decal! All this for just $12.99! Its a sweet deal for the buck no? We think so. So hopefully your all stoked. Sorry to anyone who missed out on the key chain offer. Click right here to be taken directly to the phase 2 presale on our official merch store at and order up while you can. We'll be getting to work signing all the copies for you all.

09.11 - It's Here Our Presale Offer for Agents Of The Undergroud!!!
It's presale time again for our new album and here's the scoop! If you order a copy of Agents Of The Underground right here through our official merch store at , you can get the CD and a bad ass Astrolux key chain for $14.99. The key chain is solid brass and it's the first time we've ever had these available. Oh ya, did we mention, we will sign the CD for you too!!! The CD & Key Chain offer is only available for the first 500 orders received so get it while supplies last!

09.02 - AmerickanBlackheart Art Show September 10th
Mr. Jason Cruz is happy to announce that he will be having his first solo art show exhibition at The Deborah Martin Art Gallery located at 209 West 5th St. in downtown Los Angeles Ca. Come on by and check out Jasons latest paintings and creations. All his art will be on display through October 8th at the gallery. Live music with Temperary Masters and Runaway Disasters will be starting at 8:30pm For more info please call 310-428-6464.

08.30 - Brand New Song - Free Mp3
Hi everyone, well today is the day and is debuting the first track of our album "Black Crosses" on their website. The song will be available as a free download until Tuesday September 1st so, get it while ya can! Please click here > Another Reybee Productions present... STRUNG OUT!! to be connected to the press release and direct link to the song. Also, please click here > Press Release to read our official album press release with some awesome quotes included from Riley - Thrice, Tim - Rise Against, and M. Shadows - Avenged Sevenfold.

Please be on the look out for more news to come including a pre-sale offer for our new album. We are currently sorting that all out and we will announce it asap. For now, hope you all enjoy the new song.

~Love Strung Out~

03.31 - Prototypes - Presale Combo Update
Wanted to give everyone an important update on our Presale Offer we made available. We had a problem with making the shirt and it took longer then expected. So, our apologies if your CD and Shirt package does not get there in the time you where expecting it to. This is NOT's fault, so please don't put the blame on them. We've heard a few people have canceled their order's upset that they won't receive their package before the actual release date. Well, let me say this, not only do you get a CD and T-shirt for $16.99, but you get pretty much the most intricate T-shirt we've ever made. It will be worth the wait! When you receive the shirt, you'll see what we mean. Your getting a great deal (the shirt ended up being expensive on our end) so please just be patient. I want to repeat one more time, if your order is late, it is not's fault ok. I personaly delivered the T-shirts to today (Monday, March 30th) and they will start sending orders out tomorrow. The Prototypes CD came out awesome and we hope you enjoy it as well as the cool quotes about each song. Ok, on a last note, the Presale Offer will be ending on Monday, April 6th so, order while the offer is still up and running !!!


03.27 - Drum with Strung Out - Contest!
If you haven't already heard, Jordan broke the tip of his thumb while playing drums in the studio two weeks ago. We have two shows coming up in Southern California that he will not be able to play. We do have fill in drummers scheduled and they rip. However, we thought it would be fun to have a little contest to see if someone else out there would want to get up on stage with us and play. This is for the "Detroit Bar - 4/3" and "Brixton 4/4" shows. We want you to film yourself playing "Mind of My Own", post it to youtube, and send us the link on myspace. We will review all the videos and pic a different person for each night. All entries must be attending the show, 21+, and submitted by Thursday 4/2. Please also include your phone number with the link. If you do not get a call, that doesn't mean you wont get a shot. If the winner doesn't show up, chickens out, or faked it on video, then we'll call someone else up to try. These are bar shows, let's make them a party!

03.27 - Studio Diary 2
Part 2 in our Studio Diary series. In an effort to let you all in on our recording process, see how the "magic" happens, and give you a taste of what's to come, we've invited Brian from Electric Turtle to hang out with his camera.

Studio Diary 2

03.24 - In the studio....
We are currently in the studio recording our upcoming album with Cameron Webb. Things are going great. Our friend Brian from Electric Turtle has been hanging out with his video camera, and we will be keeping you all updated on the progress of the album. Stay tuned, we will be posting studio diary videos frequently. We'll also be posting more tourdates in the next couple days.

Here's Studio Diary #1

Studio Diary #1

03.19 - Latest News!!!
The Latest Strung Out News !!!

B-Sides Album
Our B-sides album "Prototypes and Painkillers" come's out on March 31st, so be sure to grab yourself a copy. We are having a PRE-ORDER SPECIAL!!! The CD will be available through our website along with a limited run T-shirt for just $16.99 for both. How's that for a good deal? You can order it right here through our official merch store: We are quite happy to finally have this collection of songs put together on one album. The Vinyl version will come with some extra songs so check that out. It will be available through There's some cool tracks on there, and the infamous "Last Song" finally has a title. Comes with a short fact written about each song. The full track listing and a preview of "Lost Motel" can be found at:

New Album Progress
As for news on our new full length, we have finished up several weeks of pre-production for our new record but, not without incident!!! Jordan was beating the hell out of his drums during rehearsal when he struck the snare drum in some sort of wrong way and in a freak stroke of bad luck, broke the bone in the tip of his left thumb. X-rays the next day confirmed it was indeed cracked. So, being that the plan was to start recording Monday, March 16th, and wanting to move forward without throwing things off schedule, we quickly came up with a game plan and got in touch with drummer Jarred Alexander (Throwdown, A Static Lullaby,DBS). He is helping out bigtime and now laying down all the drums as scratch tracks and doing a great job. Then the guitars, bass, and vocals will be completed as usual. This will give Jordan proper time to heal up and he will re-record his drum tracks as the last process of the recording session. "Ya, this came at the worst timing ever and I honestly don't understand how I did it or why it happened so, it's a total bummer but I've just got to make sure it heals properly so I'm ready to go in a few weeks" says JB. The band is working with producer Cameron Webb (PW, Social D, Ignite, Motorhead, etc) for this album. "We are very happy to be working with him Cameron and he's doing an awesome job with us" says Rob. Should be another great album and we're all really excited about it. Keep tuned for more news on this.

Upcoming Local Shows
We have two bar shows (21+) coming up in Costa Mesa, and Redondo Beach CA on April 3rd and 4th. These are going to be small fun shows and it looks like we will be having either one or several guest drummers fill in for the injured JB. We'll let you know who will be playing as soon as we know for sure. Grab your tickets early from the clubs:Detroit Bar- Costa Mesa, and Brixton-Redondo Beach. Also, Volcom is holding a cool contest for these shows where you can win our new B-side, a T-shirt, along with some other cool swag so, check that out at Volcom News.

Upcoming Tour
A lot of you have been asking when we are coming to your town. We are currently booking a US / Canadian tour. Death By Stereo and Canada's own This Is A Standoff will be joining us for the tour. Show dates will start being posted as shows are confirmed. The Canadian shows will be starting on the West in Victoria and going all the way across to Halifax. Should be great eh !!!

Jordan-"Drummer Extraordinaire"
We recently posted a couple of blogs about Jordan's drumming. He was included in IGN's "10 Great Punk Drummers" list and has an interview on too.

Thanks for reading, and as always, thanks so much for listening to and supporting our band....See ya all soon....

~Love Strung Out~


Contrats to our good friend's Pour Habit on getting signed to our home, Fat Wreck Chords. Jordan has been helping them out for the past few years and recently got them on to a few Nofx shows. It only took Fat Mike seeing them play once to know instantly "I'm signing these guys" If you havnt checked them out yet, please do and drop them a congrats message on their myspace page:


12.11 - Merch, Albums, Shows, News, Etc.
Hello everyone,

Time for us to fill you guys n gals in on some Strung Out news. First off, we have two new shirts available on our official webstore. A lot of you had been requesting for us to make our Astrolux shirt available so we have done so along with our "Live Fast Die Strung Out" shirt. We've also put a sale price to our poster 4 pack. Normally $5.99 per poster, pick up all 4 for just $9.99 !!! We've restocked all the designs that we plan to keep around and we will start phasing out some of the others to make room for other designs. Some of those shirts are on sale for $9.99. We will also have hats back in stock finally. Another note, we came across 50 copies of our limited edition "Blackhawks Over Los Angeles" CD with the bonus song "More Then Words" available so, pick one up while they are available.

In other news, our B-sides album "Prototypes and Painkillers" will be coming out in the first week of March. It will be available on CD and Vinyl. Look for presale news to be announced next month sometime.

We've been practicing quite a bit lately and writing a bunch of new songs. We hope to be in the studio early 2009 if all falls into place. Its been a big group collaboration so, you can expect another Strung Out variety packed album.

We have a few shows coming up so we hope you can make it if your in the area. The shows are of course all posted on our myspace page and our website. A second LA House Of Blues show has been added on December 28th and its all ages show. We're actually not quite sure why the December 27th show is a 18+ show but, that's the case. We are excited to be playing with our friends Authority Zero next week, as well The Vandals in February. More show and tour news to come.

Love Strung Out....

One more note from Jordan:

Hi all, I would like for you to do me a favor and check out this band called "Pour Habit" from Compton Ca. Im doing all I can to help these guys out because they are one of the best live bands I've seen in a longass time. Their singer Chuck is an amazing front man and everytime people see these guys live, they are always stoked. They capture the crowd everytime. NOFX was stoked enough on them to put them on a couple of their Southern California shows after checking out their myspace page. So, check them out, and if your into them add them to your friends.

09.25 - Liskfest / News / Updates
Ok, we have a few things to update everyone on. First of all, we must apologize for all this confusion with Liskfest We wont bother trying to explain what happened, we will just let you know that we are now 100% for sure playing Liskfest on October 11th. You can buy tickets directly through our friend Brian aka Mr. Electric Turtle and skip the Ticketmaster fees by clicking here

Next, we are playing two shows at an awesome bar (21+) in Santa Barbara, CA called Velvet Jones. We will be playing two nights there on October 3rd and 4th. Friday's show will be with our good friends Pour Habit along with SB locals, Dead Country. Saturday's show will be with Death By Stereo and Syncope Threshold. To give each night a bit of spice, we will play mostly songs from ADIP,STWB,CnI,TBD at Friday nights show and mostly songs from EOSD, AAP, EIO, and BOLA Saturday night. Go to for ticket info.

We have a full tour of the UK coming up starting on October 16th and ending in London on October 30th. Please look at our tour dates for the full tour schedule. We have never done just a UK only tour so, this should be pretty cool. We're looking forward to this tour as its been a while since we've played in the UK.

We've just uploaded a bunch of different tracks to the myspace player if you want to go check them out, put them on your page, etc...

Friday September 26 is the Frosty, Heidi and Frank birthday bash at the Grove in Anaheim where they will host the "Should I Stay or Should I Go" battle of the bands. Jordan Burns will be one of the guest judges at the event.

You guys have been sending us some really awesome tattoos and its great to see such good artwork dedicated to our band. We really appreciate it and were honored that our music/band can mean so much to so many people. Keep on sending the pics in. We'll keep on making music.

Our B-sides album is still being put together and we hope to have more info on it in the very near future.

Thats it for now....Love Strung Out

03.07 - NEWS UPDATES: Radio, Tour, Benefit Show, etc...

We will be on the radio tonight performing a song live from our new album "Blackhawks Over Los Angeles" acoustically. Tune into 97.1 FM's Conway and Whitman show tonight at 9pm pst. If you don't live in the Los Angeles area, you can access a live internet broadcast here: 97. 1 FM Online Player

Also on 97.1 FM today at 1pm pst, our good friends Pour Habit will be played on the "Should I Stay or Should I Go" segment of the Frosty Heidi and Frank show, where listeners call in to vote on the song. Be sure to check it out, and call in.


The "Twisted By Design 10 Year Anniversary and Benefit Show" is now SOLD OUT. There will be limited edition T-Shirts and Screened Posters for sale at the merch booth, be sure to stop by and check it out. Also, 20 copies of "Another Day in Paradise" from a limited pressing on orange vinyl, have been signed and will be available.

*Be sure to get to the show early, as there are usually long lines to get in. Also, there are a lot of great bands on this bill, we strongly encourage you to check out all of them.


Due to a very overwhelming response from our loyal fans wanting to make donations to us, we decided it would be best to actually get something for your donation. We just needed to figure out what to do. What we've come up with is, we will make the special event T-shirt available for sale through our merch store for a limited time only soon after the show is over. So if you are one of the many many people who sent us messages about donating and you could not make it to the show, you will be able to help us out and get a shirt in the process of doing so.


We are heading to Europe in April to play some shows, and a tour with IGNITE and TERROR, as well as Death Before Dishonor and Burn the 8 Track.

More tour news coming soon, keep an eye on the website and myspace. Really cool stuff in the works!

www. strungout. com
www. myspace. com/strungout


As many of you know, for the past 14 years, Jordan Burns and Erik Sandin (NoFX) have had a motocross company "MotoXXX". In the April 08' issue of Racer X Magazine, there is an exclusive interview piece in a section they call "Two Tribes" with Jordan and Erik. Pick up a copy of the issue, or check it out online at www. racerxill. com
www.FatWreck. com

01.24 - New Show Added
We will be playing at Velvet Jones in Santa Barbara this Wednesday January 30th for our friend Jays video premier of his latest motocross film, On The Pipe 4. It will be playing at the SB International Film Festival with the show being the after party. Spread the word as the 30th is right around the corner. See you there !!!

01.23 - Twisted By Design/Benifit Show
Hello everyone !!! We will be playing The Vault 350 in Long Beach California to raise money for the loss of our stolen van and trailer where we lost all of our equipment, merchandise, personal items, etc. This crime was committed while we were in Philadelphia on tour October 4th, 2007. We estimated our total loss at about $70,000. This show will help raise some money for us to give to our crew guys who lost a lot, and to be put towards equipment and personal items that each one of us lost. We greatly appreciate the kind support that everyone has offered and continues to offer. If you would like to read the story of what happened to us, you can do so on either our myspace page or our website. So, we figured that doing a show like this would be a great way to let our fans know they are helping us out with this situation. We get to play a show with some good friends, and everyone gets to see a show with an awesome lineup. We must give big thanks to The Vault 350 for being so kind with hosting this show for us. We decided to add a special touch to this show being, we will play the entire "Twisted By Design" album top to bottom in celebration of its 10 year anniversary. Come on out and have a good time with us.

Love Strung Out

What: Strung Out Benefit Show
When: Saturday, March 8th, 2008
Where: The Vault 350 Long Beach California
With: DI, Death By Stereo, I Am Ghost, Pour Habit
Tickets: $25 (there will be no service fee charges on top of this ticket price)
Tickets Available from:

01.20 - Website Issues
Sorry everyone but we have been having some problems with our website in which we are trying to get things all sorted out. Our site has not been working properly for weeks and for those of you that are active on our message board, well you of course know that it has not been working either. We left word on the message board that it might be down for a day or two but, never guessed it would be down for so long. Anyhow, we are working on getting everything back to 100%. Hopefully all will be good in the next few days. Thanks for your patience.

10.17 - Jason speaks on our theft...
I just wanna say thank you to all who have offered and cared so much about our situation. This once again proves that we have the best fans in the world !!!!! There has been talk about donations and a fund raiser for the band and I gotta say the love we have received from 15 plus years of doing this is all we need. You guys make us mighty and its all of us together that make this thing we do so amazing, no amount of gear, merch, or money could EVER come close to that. We will plan some sort of benefit show when we get home to help out our brother Favio and try to replace some of our gear, so if you are down to help, keep your ears open and come out to rock! Thanks again for all the amazing support and this is just one more shit ass thing to turn into sweet beautiful music.....JASON

10.06 - The Story Of The Theft...
Well,It was 3 really bad days in a row and it went from bad to worse. It all started in Virginia Beach were we had an amazing show but, it was for sure the most drunk Jake and Rob (more Jake) has ever been on stage and the crowd went fucking insane. We probably played like shit but fuck it, it was a great time an everyone seemed to love it. So after the show, the drunkenness continues outside and Rob and some of the other guys are going off outside. Well, anyhow, the police end up getting called and this total asshole cop shows up and we are told we are parked in a no loading zone and I get a $100 fucking ticket and so does I Am Ghost. Then some other shit went down and long story short, our guitar tech Favio got arrested for (yes indeed some dumb drunken stupidity) slashing 4 bicycle tires. They came to our hotel to grab we figured we get him out in the morning. Nope..we find out he has not been given any bail and they wont let him out. This is a lameass petty crime one would think no? He's still in fucking jail until next Tuesday with still no bail set after seeing the judge once. INCREDIBLE and unfair. We feel helpless cause we cant do anything for him. So, we head to DC. We played the show in DC and it was excellent but our drum tech Metal Bob, started bleeding out of his ear and was in severe pain. He had to go to the emergency were we later found he ruptured his ear drum. So we finally get out of the emergency room at 5am. We decide to drive a lil bit and then grab a hotel room. Well, Jason's driving and we stop at like 15 hotels and everyone is sold out. Jason finally finds this Days Inn in Philly (4200 Roosevelt Blvd.) that has rooms available. We are all beat and ready to get into our rooms and crash out. The first bad sign of course was the bullet proof glass at reception but, we were all to tired to care. Anyhow, we all check into our rooms and im looking out our window for a spot to park the van closer to our room. I was getting ready to go out and grab my computer and my brand new Hi Def video camera. All of a sudden Chris just happens to look out the window and sees our van driving out of the parking lot and he's like "hey, who's leaving in the van...who's driving the van" were like "WHAT" WTF??? We knew we JUST checked in so no one would be leaving and just like that, our fucking van and trailer are gone. There is video surveillance and we get to see this black car pull up on our van, scope it, pulls away and then this low life piece of shit walks up to our van, breaks in (without breaking the window) hot-wires or whatever he does to start the thing and he just drives off all in less the 30 seconds like he mine as well had keys. Its fucking incredible...broad daylight no more then 20 minutes after we checked in....our lives were seriously fucked over. EVERYTHING was in there. We of course called 911 and the police came but they where mostly busy with the double homicide that was going on 3 blocks or so from where we were. We were just royally fucked and all of us felt helpless. A million things go through your head I tell ya as they still are and will continue for a long time. Its honestly been a really rough few days after this loss and I cant help but to break down and get emotional after we play cause it just hits me hard and realizing that we have so much support...its seriously amazing. Things are really fucked right now and we have a lot of figuring out to do. Evergreen Terrace is helping us out SO SO SO much and we love them. I Am Ghost is helping us out big time too and we love those guys as well. We've never had to deal with something so fucked up like this. We've surely had lots of shit to deal with in our years but, this takes the cake in the most fucked thing ever. Anyhow, im gonna wrap it up here a bit but, I see everyone asking questions, offering help, suggestions, etc......all very appreciated for sure. Did we have insurance? Ya on the van but, insurance companies are FUCKED and we will only be covered on the van itself. Our gear and trailer...were fucked on. Its a serious bigtime expensive learning lesson. We will get lo-jack and all the proper coverage next time around. Why are we in a van? Well, because the cost of a bus is $1000+ a day on average. We've toured in all sorts of different vehicles...we just didn't feel like wasting the cash on the bus this time. Doesn't Fat Wreck pay for it? Fuck no....people are in dreamland and have no clue how things work. The van is great anyhow cause we interact more with eachother and its been healthy for us. Ok, im done for now but wanted to say a few things....i will try to say more. Thanks to everyone that is showing us sympathy and concern here cause honestly for me, it really feels like someone died.


10.04 - We've been ripped off!!!
So our van and trailer just got stolen from our hotel here in Philly around 7:30am. We had just checked in and no more then 20 minutes later, Chris happened to look out the window and see our van driving away. Sure enough, it was some skidrow mother fucker ripping it off. So we have lost ALL of our equipment, all of our merch, tons of personal stuff and we are pretty much screwed and stuck in a shitty Days Inn in a fucked up part of town in Philly. There was a double homicide 2 blocks down the road that we were watching about on TV so ya, not a nice part of town at all. Anyhow, if you live in Philly, please be on the look out for our van and trailer. Its a light blue Ford E 350 15 passenger van with a white trailer, with white rims. There is a bull skull mounted on the front of the grill. We are trying to think what to do. We will figure out how the show must go on though because we for sure dont want to nor are we even thinking about canceling the tour. We have a lot to figure out here.....

06.21 - High Res "Calling" Video
Fat Wreck Chords has postsed a high resolution version of the Calling Video so go on and check it out !!!

06.19 - Show Updates,Support Bands...
We've updated our tour dates section. There are a few new dates for our Europe tour and we've started to post dates for our upcoming US/Canada tours. More dates will of course be posted as they are confirmed. We are happy to announce that our friends "A Wilhelm Scream" will be doing the August run with us along with "I Am Ghost." For September, our friends "Evergreen Terrace" will be touring with us and "I Am Ghost" will once again be joining this leg of the tour. Good times are ahead and were looking forward to playing our new songs live.

06.15 - Air Drumming Contest & More News
Ok, so check it out, Fat Wreck Chords is holding an Air Drumming Video Contest…


Forget all that air guitar crap where you prance around like there’s a hornet up your ass, take a seat on the riser and set up your video/web camera! You have exactly two weeks to send us a link to a video of you on YouTube playing the air drums to your favorite Strung Out song. We’ll pick the best 3 videos and put links to them in our poll section and let the PEOPLE vote on them. The winner gets an awesome prize package including an autographed, custom made Strung Out Paiste cymbal used by the band. Remember…you don’t necessarily have to be Smelly from NOFX, Keith Moon or the guy on the corner hitting a bucket and playing a Casio with his toes. Style, creativity and the acceptable amount of flare count just as much as being a technical master. Also, WE ARE ONLY GOING TO ACCEPT AIR DRUMMING VIDEOS so don’t send some lame video of you putting your cat in a jar or you taking a dump on a frisbee and please…no fire. Watch this for inspiration!

Here’s the details:
-Grand prize winner receives:
Autographed custom made Strung Out Paiste cymbal, a pair of Pro-Mark Jordan Burns signature drumsticks, autographed CD, autographed poster
-2 Runner-ups receive: Autographed Remo drumhead, autographed poster, CD
-E-mail your
YouTube video link to with "STRUNG OUT AIR DRUMMER" in the subject line
-You have until June 26th to get us your video link

Next, we want to thank everyone who came out to our record release party at the Skatelab in Simi Valley. It was such a great time hanging out with everyone. It had the great vibe of a backyard party, kegs and all. Two kegs went incredibly quick. Tons of burgers and hot dogs where served up compliments of the cook, Mr. Jason Cruz. We signed posters, even gave out a few from one of our early European tours from back in the day, Volcom kicked down a bunch of stuff, Monster Energy provided lots of drinks, Efrem (Death By Stereo) spun the tunes and held a dance contest in which the winner, this 13 yr old kid named Edwin, won a pair of Etnies, and of course Skatelab provided the skating. Playing the two songs acoustic at the bowl in the park was simply awesome. Such a great setting and it was quite on the spot. There’s a few videos floating around on YouTube showing the two songs played. So once again thanks to Todd, Tony, Scott, and the entire Skatelab staff for hosting our party.

Check out the Mapex Drums website. There is a
video of Jordan playing a short solo on the drums in the studio. The footage was shot and edited by Elliot Dillman. Yes, the same guy that filmed our new video for the song "Calling". That video may be viewed on our Myspace page. It’s our best video to date by far. Decide for yourself of course.

Speaking of Myspace, it was great to be the featured artist for a week. We averaged 42,000 plays a day on the song player while our entire album was up for streaming. Gained a good 4000+ new "friends" and hopefully turned many new people on to our tunes. Thank you to Myspace (and Fat Wreck too) for giving us that opportunity.

Ok, lastly…please check out our
tour dates section often as we will be posting dates for our August West Coast tour (with Western Canada included), as well as our East Coast tour (and of course, Eastern Canada).

06.08 - Exlusive Album Stream, Calling Video, etc..
We are quite excited to be the featured artist on the front of the Myspace music page. Our entire new CD, Blackhawks Over Los Angeles, has been put up on our Myspace song player as an exclusive stream, so take a listen! We're also debuting our new video for the song "Calling" on our Myspace page. We consider this video to be our best one yet. Our good friend Elliot Dillman (along with the entire crew that worked on this project) did an amazing job and we'd like to thank everyone that was involved. Of course you'll be the final judge, so let us know your thoughts. You can order the CD right now from,,,, etc.

A reminder that we will be having our record release listening party this Saturday, June 9th at the, skate park in Simi Valley, CA. It will start at 7pm and go till 11pm. From 10pm to 11pm we will have the park to ourselves and all our guests, so that should be a good time. There is no charge to come to the's a FREE event. We will have posters to sign, food, drinks, and whatever else we can conjure up.

We will soon be announcing some cool contests where you can win some exclusive prizes. Be on the look out here for that news in the next few days.

05.21 - Record Release Party, Tour Dates, etc...
Hello all, we will be having our record release party on June 9th in Simi Valley at one of the best skate parks in the US, "Skatelab". The party will go from 7pm to 11pm with a private skate session going down from 10pm to 11pm. If you skate, come on down. If you dont skate, come on down anyway. Jake just might drop in on a ramp.
We will be hanging out, signing some posters, have food and drinks, be playing our new album over the sound system all night, and showing our new video for the song "Calling". It will be free and all ages can attend.

In our tour dates section, we've posted just about all of our tour dates for our upcoming European tour (a few more TBA) and we are looking forward to playing. We have not toured Europe for a little while so it will be great to be back. We know were not getting everywhere but were doing what time permits for now. We will do another European run in the near future. US touring will begin in August with a West coast run to include the western side of Canada. An east coast leg will follow in September (yes with eastern Canadian dates of course). Dates to be posted once confirmed.

We are stoked to be playing a huge show with some of our friends at Long Beach Arena on September 15th. Rise Against, Lagwagon, Strung Out, Silverstein, Comeback Kid is the line up..STELLAR. Should be a great time.

Pre-Sales are going through the roof so, if you have not ordered our new album yet, make sure to get in on the smoking package deal were offering before it's to late.

05.10 - Pre-Sale Offer @
Well, it is that time. Our new album "Blackhawks Over Los Angeles" is now available for pre-sale and we've come up with a sweet package deal for everyone who orders early. When you pre-order the CD through our official store at, you can get the combo deal of a brand new shirt that Mr. Jason Cruz designed, as well as the CD with the bonus track "More Than Words", both for just $17.99!!! CLICK HERE TO ORDER! You can also order just the CD if you wish...It's up to you. There are 5000 copies of the CD being made available. Ordering through here is your sure way of getting one. The leftover copies will wind up in random stores so it will be lotto action on finding them.

We've also posted the first song "Calling" on our MySpace page for you to check out. We also gave the page a bit of a new look so let us know what you think. Fat Wreck Chords posted the Mp3 on their site as well so, go ahead and take a listen. We think you will enjoy. So the official release date for "Blackhawks Over Los Angeles" is June 12th and we are excited to have a new album out and hit the road in support of it. More news to come...

01.22 - We Are In The Studio Now..wanna see?

Hello all, well here we go with something new for all of you to check out. Its the first time we are having a studio video journal. Our friend Elliot (thanks Elliot, you rule) has been coming to the studio filming and editing together some cool clips from our sessions. This is the first edition and there should be many more to come. Hope you all enjoy getting a little sneak peak as to what we are up to.

Strung Out Studio Journal #1

01.08 - Happy New Year !!!
Hello everyone, we'd first like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and all the best in 2007. Should be a good year for the band. We are starting things off with hitting the studio to record for our new album. We've been writing and practicing a lot, getting prepared and working with our producer Matt Hyde. If all goes as planned, it looks like we'll have a new album in mid June with tentative release date of June 12th. Now notice, we did say "tentative". This is the goal we are shooting for. We did of course put one new song called "Downtown" up on our Myspace that will be a part of our new album. You can expect to hear another very different album from us. Excited? We are...

We will be taking a short break from recording to head on over to Japan. Finally we are making it back over there for some shows. It's been about 3 years since we were last there and we've missed Japan for sure. We will be playing the Independence Day Festival along with two more shows of our own. We're really looking forward to these shows. As for other shows, nothing else planned just yet but we'll let you know when anything comes up.

There is a short interview in the January issue of Transworld Motocross magazine with Jordan Burns about his and Erik Sandins (of Nofx) Moto XXX race team for those of you whom are into MX or hey, even if your not...check it out.

12.07 - Cobalt Cafe Show...
Pulley just confirmed to come down and play the show at the Cobalt Cafe with us. It was about 10 years ago that Strung Out and Pulley played together at the Cobalt Cafe as Scott Radinsky reminded us. It was the same night Pulley shot all the live footage for their "Cashin In" video. Its going to be a fun Sunday evening. Battle Flask who are in the ol famous Westbeach Recorders making their new CD, will open the show.

12.06 - Another Small Show...
First off we want to say thanks to everyone who came out to the free show at Nine Star last weekend. That show was a lot of fun and the new shop out there in Mission Viejo is awesome. Make sure to support those guys cause they are for sure the core cutting edge shop with what they are doing and supporting.

So we are going to play a little show in the San Fernando Valley at the Cobalt Cafe. The Cobalt Cafe for those of you who dont know of it is an all ages venue that has been around for the past 12 years supporting live music. We have played there twice in the past and decided to give it another go. Its a small quaint place and should be a great time. Doors will open at 7:00pm and there are no presale tickets so, be there early if you'd like to get in.

We've been recieving so much positive respone to our new song "Downtown" which we posted on our myspace page. Were happy to know so many of you are liking the new song. We will have the usual wide variety of tunes on our new record and the way things are going, it could end up being better then EIO. Only time and you the fans will tell.

Ok, looking forward to seeing you all this weekend in Anaheim and Victorville. We THINK they might sell 25 more tickets at the door for the Chain Reaction show. Dont say you heard it here though and no promises on that.

11.27 - New Song & Rail Jam breaking news!!!
As you know (or if you didnt know, now you do and you may help spread the word) we will be playing at 9 Star in Mission Viejo this coming Saturday. The big news though, is GUTTERMOUTH will be playing this FREE show with us. It's been a long time since our two bands have played together so, its going to be a good time for sure. Guttermouth is scheduled to play at 3:00pm and we are set to play at 4:00pm. The store info is listed in the tour dates section so check it out. Last years show at 9 Star in West LA along with Good Riddance was amazing. This one should rival it so, spread the word. Were looking forward to seeing everyone. If you cant make this show, maybe you can make one of the others. We just might do a little sneaky show in the valley somewhere. We'll let ya know....

Now again, if you didnt know..we posted a new song on our myspace page. We demo'd 4 new songs and thought we would be o'so ever kind as to share one song with you guys for being so dedicated and loyal to our band. We do appreciate every old and new fan that we have and were glad to see the majority of people giving such positive feedback about the new song "Downtown". So now that you know about the song, go check it out!!!

On a sad note, a good old friend has passed away.
Rob "Noxious" Durham who played with the Shitgiveits from San Diego was a great guy, a famlily guy, and an excellent bass player who grew up in the punk scene and never forgot or drifted from his roots. Our condolences go out to all his family and friends. He will be missed. R.I.P.

11.21 - New Show Announcement!!!
Well once again, our friends at 9 Star are putting on and hosting the Burton Rail Jam. This time it will be at their new store in Mission Viejo Ca. You can call either the Mission Viejo store or the West LA location for more information. This is of course a FREE show with a great amateur snowboarding contest before the concert.
Mission Viejo / 949-367-9993
West LA / 310-477-3999

In other news, we are of still in the writing process for our new CD to come out next year sometime. Things are coming along great and we have demo'd 4 new tunes with Matt Hyde that we are all really liking alot. Maybe we'll let a song sneak out on our myspace page in the near future.

Jason would like to thank everyone who attended his art show this past weekend. It was a great time and another show will be in the works down the road.

11.06 - Latest News From Us....
Hello everyone. Time to let you in on a few things. First, we will be on the Frosty, Heidi & Frank show on 97.1 Free FM this coming Friday, November 10th at 1:00pm (pacific time). You can find out more info on their radio show at their official website I do believe they stream live on the web so anyone can listen in. Should be a fun time and a chance to let a lot of new people hear about Strung Out.

We put up a few new designs on our merch store at . We decided to make the Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues 10 Year Anniversary shirt one of 3 new shirts available. We had such a great response to our STWB show that we played this past August at the Canyon Club in Agoura. Sold completely out of the shirt that night. Figured we should make it available for everyone.

Some new pictures have been put up on our myspace page as well as on the Fat Wreck Chords page too. Go check them out at and

We've been writing new songs and have now demo'ed and completed a total of four new tunes with Matt Hyde at the reigns. No word on when we will be hitting the studio to begin recording for a new album but, we do hope to have a new release in mid to late 2007. We'll keep ya posted as things develop.

We are playing two small shows that should be a lot of fun. We are headed back to the scene where we recorded our "Live In a Dive" CD...Chain Reaction in Anaheim Ca. and we will play another small show in Victorville Ca. as well. Both these shows are nearly sold out so, dont wait to buy tickets at the door if you plan on attending. Our friends "Pour Habit" will be playing both shows with us and they are entertaining to watch. Make sure to check them out. They played in Arizona with us and made a great impression. We have another show in the works with our good friends at 9 Star too. We will announce the date once the show is confirmed. Guess they are waiting on permits from the city.

08.14 - S.A. Continued & a few new shows too
We will be returning back to South America to play our shows in Brazil, The Dominican Republic, and Peru. We did try to reschedule some of the other countries but it didnt end up working out unfortunatly. We would like to thank Cesar and Paul (show promoters in Brazil & the DR) for all their hard work and effort with making these upcoming shows work out. Once again, we are deeply sorry to anyone (fans,promoters) that we let down and hope that we can do something to make things up in the future. As to everyone in the places we are still doing shows, cant wait to play for everyone.

On another note, we posted two new shows. A make up show in Arizona and a show with our friends Rancid in SLC UT. Dont forget about our show with the Adolescents at the Canyon Club.

We look forward to taking some time off soon to concentrate on working with Matt Hyde on our new CD. We'll keep you posted on how things are moving along with that.

08.07 - Official South America Statement
Ok, so were do I even start about this whole mess. First I must say, don't believe Internet rumors until you hear the real deal from the horses mouth. Next we must deeply apologize to each and every fan that was planning on seeing us play, and to every promoter that put their hard work and time into making a show for us. Trust me when I say we are very saddened by everything that happened and we can only let you know that we are very sorry for this situation. This tour was so important to us and we had been waiting to come to South America for over 10 years. There was nothing more that we wanted then to come over, play awesome shows, and have a smooth tour. Well, smooth and professional was very far off from how things were going. Things started off on a bad note right when we flew in to Caracas Venezuela were our merchandise got confiscated. (We had to leave 14 boxes of merch behind and we didn't get our stuff back for 9 days, when we did, we received 12 boxes back…bullshit) Then we find out that our flights that where booked to Brazil had all been canceled because the airline they were booked on "Varig" went bankrupt. Things began to get shitty. We went to our tour managers (organizer of the tour) apartment were we would stay for the next 10 days. We had no problem at all with our accommodations and everyone's mindset was, we will just get through this and hopefully everything will smooth out (We've never had 10 days off at the begining of a tour). What we encountered was a lot of smoke being blown and empty promises. The Brazil tour dates had to be changed right away as did the Dominican Republic date. This caused more hassles. We moved on and tried to stay positive about everything. Everyday, we would be told something that would end up not happening. Things didn't seem to be getting done properly at all from our current standpoint. They were only getting more and more sketchy to all of us. We were just looking forward to (what would now be) our first show in Caracas and getting this tour off the ground. The organization of the first show was a mess. Doors opened 2 ½ hours late (doors were at didn't start till 10:30). This caused more stress because we were supposed to leave to the airport at 4:00am to catch our flight to Colombia. When we finally returned to the apartment, a fight broke out. (NOT between any band members) This fight was the final straw in the lack of professionalism that we had been exposed to and witnessed over the past 10 days. It was the straw that broke the camels back. This became one of the most emotional times our band has ever gone through and the majority decision was, this isn't right, nothing feels right, we have to get out of this fucked up situation right away. Was it a hard decision? FUCK YES IT WAS. For our own sanity and health, it was what we had to do. This explanation of what happened might be a bit vague but its because were trying to leave a lot of the details out that we don't think need to be made public cause it will just turn into a bunch of shit talking (message board is a prime example) but, we must stress the fact that the lack of professionalism carried on, killed this tour. So for the record we of course did not break up and all the crap you've been reading on the net (message boards, myspace, etc.) has been exactly that…BULLSHIT & HEARSAY. The only ones that know what the real deal of what brought this turn of events, is everyone that was living in the apartment and a few others. To all the promoters that we just left hangin…seriously…we are so fucking sorry for this. This is the worst situation our band has been confronted with in our 13 years of being together. Anyone that knows our band or has worked with our band knows, this is not at all typical of us. We've never canceled a tour. We want everyone to know that we care…we care a lot and it hurts. Please let us know what we can do to make things up. We are planning on continuing our shows in Brazil and the Dominican Republic and we'll try to salvage whatever other shows we can. We will keep everyone informed of what's happening as we find out over the next couple days. We do want to mention, that we had a great time in Venezuela and met some awesome people whom we made friends with. We'd like to thank all of you (you know who you are) for being so nice to us and offering all your help.

Love Strung Out

08.02 - New Home Town Show Announcement
We will be playing a local show at the Canyon Club in Agoura Ca. September 16th so check out the dates section for more information on that. We are quite excited to play at this venue. Both Bad Religion and Pennywise have had great shows here. Death By Stereo will be playing there this month too so, make sure to check them out. So yes, it will be great to play to everyone right in our own backyard. See you there.......

08.01 - New Brazil Dates & Dominican Republic
The new dates for our shows in Brazil have been posted as well as the rescheduled date for our show in the Dominican Republic. Once again we are sorry for all the changes but it was out of our hands. One bankrupt airline killed the beginning of our tour. We´ve been in Caracas Venezuela since July 24th eating tons of Arepa´s...a new favorite meal of ours along with rice and spice. We´re being treated very well by Santiago, Martin, and all the new friends we are making here. Crazy to have 10 days off at the beginning of a tour. We just cant wait to play. We did play 5 songs at a lil bar were a small punk show was going on last Saturday night. We played at 3:30am and everyone that was there went crazy for us. It was small, personal, and punk rock for sure.
Hope to see you all real soon....

Love Strung Out & Fernando

07.26 - Brazil Postponed
Hey everyone in Brazil....we are so so sorry to announce that somehow or another our flights got fucked up and we were not able to get out of Caracas Venezuela on time to make and play the shows so we are just postponing them to August 16th thru the 21st. The shows will all be at the same venues unless announced differently on here. We are out here in South Amrican and there is no way that want to miss doing these shows. We´ve been waiting 10 years to come to your country to play. We hit some rough edges but everything will smooth out. We of course apoligize for this situation but its out of our hands. We can only wait for everything to be fixed. Once all the changes are 100% confirmed, the new dates for Brazil will be posted here. Once again sorry and we cant wait to see everyone.

07.23 - Back from OZ / NZ...Off To S.A.
Hello everyone !!! Well we of course are back from our Australia / New Zealand tour now and we leave tomorrow to embark on our first ever South American tour. It's pretty unbelievable to know that we will be playing in so many different places out there. There's so much anticipation for this tour, we know the shows are going to be simply amazing. We are being told we are the first US "Punk" band to tour S.A. so extensivly. We look forward to seeing everyone over there real soon.

Australia was once again incredible for us and to have our good friends Death By Stereo with us made the tour that much better. We are blown away with how many fans we have in the land down under and we cant wait to come back after we get another new album out. We want to give props out to Bluemurder (our booking agent out there) and our whole touring crew for doing such an awesome job for us. Makes touring a pleasure. One more thing..
Strung Out loves Meat Pies!!!

New Zealand was an excellent experiance this tour as we made it over to the South Island for our first time. It was full blown winter over there so it was a nice change from the California heat. We played this small resort town called Wanaka and there was so much snow. It was to bad there was no time to hit up a few runs snowboarding.We were told that we are the only US band to have played in Wanaka. Pretty cool! The show was outa control. Auckland and Wellington were of course like always, amazing shows. We will be back, and we will be back to the South Island again too.

After this South American tour, we will start getting to work on our new album. If were lucky, we could hit the studio before the end of the year. The new CD can be expected in mid to late 2007. Look for a hometown/local show to be announced for September. Once confirmed, it will be posted in the tour dates section so keep checking there.


04.27 - South America,New Zealand, Etc...
We would like to start off by saying a big thank you to Gerry Wachovsky, Tim Conway Jr.,& Brian Whitman over at 97.1 Free Fm for having us on their show last week. It was a blast and so many people called into the show. They were quite suprised to see how wide spread our fanbase is. Thanks to everyone who called in and listened to the show. Feel free to call or email Conway & Whitman to let them know you enjoyed hearing us. Were thinking they will have us back sometime.

New Zealand Show dates have been posted and we are finally going to make it over to the south island. For sure looking forward to this and we hope all you Kiwi fans can make it out to see us.

Finally, it looks like there will be a long long awaited South American tour starting at the end of July. This is a tour we've been waiting to do for quite a while as we know all our fans over in S.A. have been waiting to see us. We've never been to S.A. so spread the word...were coming.

For everyone in Australia, WOW, tickets sales are going CRAZY. Make sure to get tickets early cause if things keep going like we've been told, this whole tour is going to be sold out in advance. We've done so much press for this tour already. More then ever in the past. Of course our good friends Death By Stereo will join us along with Australian band Against.

And last, before we leave for OZ/NZ, we've got a few more shows around town so make sure to check out the tour dates.


04.19 - News for today
We would like to thank every person that came out to see us in Long Beach at The Vault. The show was sold out a week in advance and it was great to see everyone there. The show was incredible and the crowd went nuts. Was great to play with Ignite as we've liked those guys for quite some time. Cry Havoc went over well and they seemed to gain quite a few new fans.

We have some new show dates coming up in May so be sure to keep checking out the "tour" section here on the site for all our upcoming shows.

Jake & Chris have been working together with Matt Hyde on some new songs that are coming along very well. We hope to get into the studio sometime before the end of the year to record a new album. We'll of course keep you posted as things progress with that.

Don't forget to tune into 97.1 Free Fm tomorrow night (Thurs.April 20th) at 10:00pm pacific standard time for our appearance on the Conway & Whitman radio show

04.17 - 97.1 Free FM Radio Interview
We will be making a special radio appearance on the Conway & Whitman show on 97.1 Free FM this coming Thursday, April 20th at 10:00pm. One acoustic song will be performed live and we will field phone calls from people calling in. This is an awesome opportunity as this is a talk radio station (same one that Tom Leykis and Adam Corolla are on) that normally does not have bands on the show. You can listen to the live webcast by going to and clicking on the "listen live" link.

04.12 - Some More News
A very special radio appearance on the "Conway and Whitman" show on 97.1 Free Fm will be announced in the next few days.

Mapex Drums did a full page ad with drummer Jordan Burns in the new May issues of Drum Magazine and Alternative Press. Check it out!!!

Everyones been asking about the DVD and when it will be released. Well its still in the works and there isnt a tentative release date as of yet but it will end up coming out sometime this year for sure. That might not be the info you were looking for but thats all for now on the DVD.

For those of you whom will be attending the show at "The Vault" in Long Beach April 15th, we will have a little special deal going on with the purchase of merch. When you purchase a certain amount of merch (to be posted at the show)you will recieve a signed limited edition Strung Out, Coheed And Cambria,Bouncing Souls poster from Europe. This will of course be on a first come first serve basis till there's no more posters left.

Head on over to as they are giving away a few signed posters from Costa Rica for one of their contests. Hurry Hurry cause the contest is almost over.

04.11 - Australian Tour Dates Announced
Well, we are happy to announce that the dates for our upcoming tour of Australia have been posted. We are pleased to let you all know that we will be bringing "Death By Stereo" out to Australia for their first time. Its going to be an amazing tour so all of you Australians are in for some good times. Tickets are bound to sell quick so go pick up your tickets before they are all gone.


03.08 - Indie 103.1 Complete Control
Indie 103.1's radio show "Complete Control" with Joe Sib will welcome Strung Out into the studio for a live on the air interview, April 6th at 9:00pm pacific standard time. The show starts at 8:00pm and always features some great music so tune in early. You can listen to the broadcast online by going to and clicking on the "Listen Live on Your Computer" icon. So make sure to tune in and even call in to the station to listen and say hello. They just might even take your music requests. Dont forget the following weekend, April 15th, is their show at the Vault in Long Beach Ca.

02.16 - We Finally Rocked Costa Rica!!!
So for those of you Costa Ricans (and everyone else too) that attended our show at the Planet Mall in San Jose, know how great of a show this was. It was incredible to see the amount of people who came to see us play. There was 2000 plus people in attendance and we had no idea how crazy everyone would go when we played. Everyone made us feel so welcomed. Yes it took us two or so years to get there but, it was well worth the wait. Thanks to our new friends Alejandro, Carlos, and Fernando at Destiny Recordings for making this show possible. Also thanks to everyone at the Atomic Cafe for taking such good care of us. We would also like to thank the radio stations 979 and Real Rock 107.5 for all their support. It was insane how the press covered the show as well. To think we were on the front page of the big Costa Rican newpaper,that was so unexpected for us. It's being said that this was the best and biggest concert to happen in Costa Rica since the Red Hot Chili Peppers came sometime ago. Cant explain how that makes us feel. Anyhow, we cant wait to come back and play for everyone again. We know a lot of people saw and heard of us for the first time and the amount of new fans we made is awesome. We surely hope to see each and everyone of you next time. We will also try to make up for the show in Mal Pais at the Surf Camp. We'll make sure we dont come around election day next time. One more big thank you goes out to Bryan, Brett, and Eric for all their help.

Love Strung Out was really cool to play with and meet the other bands from Nicaragua,Panama, and Costa Rica too

01.26 - H.O.B. LA Postponed / Mal Pais Canceled
We are sorry to announce that our show with Fear Factory on January 31st has been postponed. One of the guy's wife from Fear Factory is having a baby and had to cancel the date. They are trying to reschedule the show for February 26th or 27th. Sorry for the inconvenience but the man and his wife are having a kid. What can ya do. Tickets that have already been purchased will be honored for the rescheduled show. We will announce the exact date once it gets confirmed.

Our show in Mal Pais Costa Rica has been canceled. I guess some permits where yanked by the city and there are some other problems that we unfortunatly have no control over. We will hopefully try to make this show up one day but, at least we are still coming to San Jose. See all you Costa Ricans on February 3rd.

01.22 - Strung Out Studio Journal
Hello all, well here we go with something new for all of you to check out. Its the first time we are having a studio video journal. Our friend Elliot (thanks Elliot, you rule) has been coming to the studio filming and editing together some cool clips from our sessions. This is the first edition and there should be many more to come. Hope you all enjoy getting a little sneak peak as to what we are up to.

Strung Out Studio Journal #1

12.10 - Well hello everybody
Once again its been a little while since we sent out a news post to all of you. We had an extremely busy year of touring and its been incredible. It can get a little tiring at time's but you all make it so worth it. We all feel quite fortunate to do what we do and have such loyal support. Strung Out is strong as ever and we are still making so many new fans. Its incredible !!! We shall continue to rock. So here's a bunch of random news for on.

We are currently making tour plans for 2006 and we hope to see a lot of foreign places. We have Costa Rica, Japan, South America, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, South Africa, UK and Europe all down as places we need to come tour. That's a lot of places to get to so, hopefully everything will work out. Of course we hope to do some more touring in the US but we did do about 20 weeks worth of US touring between November 04 to November 05.

New Merch !!!

We finally have updated our online merch store at and there is a lot of new stuff available including STICKERS. Yes, we finally have a nice selection of stickers available for sale through our online store. Its been a longtime request so hopefully everyone who was sticker hungry can satisfy their appetite.

Some of you may or may not know this but Jason Cruz is a great artist. He has his website and online store up and running. You can find some prints of his amazing artwork along with a T-shirt or two for sale. Check out his work at

If you have never checked out or heard of Moto XXX, go pay a visit to the website. This is Jordan and Erik's (of nofx) motocross company that they've had for the past 12 years now.

They make motocross video's, merchandise, graphics for your motorcycle (if you have one of course) and own a professional race team. Take a peak around the site and maybe even pop onto the message board.

Jordan and Erik will both be racing at the Long Beach Arenacross in the mini invitational race Dec, 9th & 10th and will also race in the celebrity crossover challenge at the San Francisco round of Supercross Jan. 28th.

Our free show that we played in LA at 9 Star along with our longtime friends and label mates Good Riddance was incredible. A good 2000+ people came out for the show and though it was absolutely freezing outside, everyone managed to have an excellent time. We would like to thank everyone at 9 Star for putting on such great events at their store. Check them out!!!

If you have not yet visited our myspace page go check it out at and add Strung Out to your friends list.

On a last note, we would like to thank all of our sponsor's that gave us so much special support for this year's Warped Tour. Mapex Drums, ESP Guitars, Krank Amps, Aguilar Amps, Pro-Mark Drumsticks, Paiste Cymbals, Remo Drumheads, D'addario Strings, DW Pedals, Danmar Percussion, Protechtor Cases, Seymour Duncan, Line 6, Moto XXX, Etnies, and Volcom

Ok, that's all for now, Happy Holiday's to everyone and we look forward to a great new year.


Strung Out

10.27 - Thank you all
"We would like to thank all our fans for a successful Canadian/American tour, hundreds of new Strung Out tattoos and a sold out Halloween homecoming! You are all the heart and soul of what we do and why we do it. We are currently working on a full length DVD so keep posted and check out this month's issue of 'Punk Rock Confidential' as it features Jason and some of his artwork!

08.24 - New Tour Dates Added!
We've added new tour dates in Canada and the US, check it out!

06.13 - Vote for Strung Out!!!
Click here to vote for Strung Out to play an extra 10 minute longer set at the Warped Tour in your city. What the heck, vote for them in every city. Lots of stiff competition but every vote will count here. Only you the fans can make it happen for the band, so vote away.

Just in case some of you out there were not aware, Strung Out are playing the entire Warped Tour this year on the main stage and really look forward to this tour. Come hang out with the band at the merch tent. They will be hanging out signing autographs right after they play. After a couple very successful tours in New Zealand, Australia, and Europe, it will be great to be in the USA for two months straight.

The band would really like to thank these fine sponsors for their superb support.
Mapex, Paiste, Krank, Pro-Mark, DW Pedals, Aguilar Amps, ESP Guitars, Line 6, Remo, Danmar, Protechtor Cases, Seymour Duncan, Volcom, Moto XXX, Etnies

On another quick note, the entire band would really like to thank every single person that sent us a donation for the studio. The response we got was (and still is as we are still receiving donations) pretty overwhelming. Every dollar has counted and is helping us out big time. Everyones kindness is so very appreciated. So many people sent much more then the $1.00 we had asked for. When finished, the studio will be really nice and we will have a good comfortable place to play and write music again. We will post pictures once its completed.

06.08 - In more drumming news !!!
Jordan Burns placed 5th in Modern Drummer's readers poll for "best punk drummer." This is the 3rd consecutive year that Jordan's been voted into the polls. "Once again its an honor to be voted into these polls and now make it into Modern Drummer's poll too. I would like to say thank you to every single person that took the time to actually vote for me. Thanks for the support people. Make's me feel good thats for sure."

2005 Modern Drummer Magazine
1. Travis Barker - Blink 182
2. Tre Cool - Green Day
3. Josh Freese - Vandals/Perfect Circle
4. Darren Pfeiffer - Goldfinger
5. Jordan Burns - Strung Out

2004 Drum Magazine
1. Travis Barker
2. Josh Freese
3. Jordan Burns
4. Tre Cool

2003 Drum Magazine
1. Travis Barker
2. Jordan Burns
3. Byron McMackin - Pennywise
4. Josh Freese

06.01 - Drum Magazine Feature
Punks On Bikes !!! Jordan along with friends Erik Sandin (Nofx) and Rory Koff (NUFAN) have a featured article in the June 05 issue of Drum Magazine. This article isnt your average drumming article. Its a story of how Jordan and Erik have been involved with Moto XXX and their love for riding dirt bikes. Its the first time motocross has ever been featured in a drumming magazine so its a pretty ground breaking article. Its on the newsstands now. Check it out. Also look for Jordan and Rorys Promark drumsticks add.

03.07 - News of the Day
Well, our video for Analog has been doing well and thanks to everyone that has been helping out giving it support online with Fuse TV. The video is now being played on and we need everyone to go give it a high rating to get it into regular rotation. Yes, this is how it all works with these shows that play videos. The more attention, plays, ratings the video gets...the more they will be inclined to keep playing it more often so help us out. also has Cemetery up so check it out and give it high ratings too. We really do appreciate everyone that takes the time to help us out with stuff like this.

In other news, Jordan has a piece on him in the April 05 issue of Modern Drummer Magazine. Let the people over at MD know your opinion on the article with a quick email or letter.

Our good friend Brian Archer over at Fat Wreck Chords seems to have started up his own clothing company. We thought since he's such a nice guy and loves and supports our band so much, that we would give him and his new company a lil shout out. Good luck buddy !!! Visit Railer Clothing.

Last but not least, Hawaii was awesome and of course it was great to play with NOFX. The show was amazing as expected and I think we made quite a few new fans. It was great to be in sunny weather for a change that's for sure. We actually needed a break from all this endless rain we are having in Los Angeles. A big thanks to Clint from Volcom for hooking us up and feeding us lots of fresh sashimi, and to Lips for transporting all our gear around.

03.04 - Jason Cruz Tattoos On Air
Tune in to Indie 103.1 FM in LA for Tattoo Tuesday, March 8th from 7 - 10pm. Jason will be tattooing Jake on the air and playing DJ all morning. More info at 103.1 FM.

02.23 - NZ Dates
All the show dates for New Zealand have been posted. Check em out as well as all of our other tour dates too. Were busy busy. On another note, we have been receiving emails about why we are not doing the UK dates on Deconstruction and its because we are not able to get out there in time for them. Sorry to dissapoint anyone but we were just not able to make it. Its a bummer to miss the Groezrock festival too but what can we do. See ya all soon.

02.14 - Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!!
New tour dates have been posted so check them out. New Zealand dates will be posted as soon as we have them nailed down. We will be playing more of our own shows (with another band from Decon most likely) after the Deconstruction dates. Those shows to be posted once confirmed. We are very happy (to once again) announce that we will be playing the entire 2005 Warped Tour. We are busy and its a good thing. Hawaii with Nofx will be our vacation. Fun stuff....

Fuse TV will start playing our new video for Analog Wednesday, February 16th, on their show "Oven Fresh." The show airs at 2:30pm EST / 11:30 PST. Please go vote for our video as, the more votes it gets, the more it will get played. We count on your support to make this happen. FUSE.TV

02.10 - What's New
Hey there everybody, its another Strung Out newsletter coming to you. Its been a while since you've heard from us so we figured we best get to it and fill you all in on what's happening in our world.

First off, our new album "Exile In Oblivion" has been getting the best reviews we've ever received on any of our releases which is so rewarding for us. To be at thispoint in our career and know that we've wrote our best album to date is a great feeling. We just concluded 9 weeks of US touring and the shows where all amazing. People were singing the lyrics for the new tunes (and the old ones as well) word for word. Thanks to everyone that came to see us play. We of course look forward to seeing you all again.

So we have ahead of us, one really busy year of touring which is of course great. As most of you might (or might not) know, we are going to be playing on the whole Warped Tour this summer. We are really excited about finally being invited to do the whole tour and we look forward to hanging out and mingling with everyone at our merch booth. All the tour dates will get posted on our website once they are all solidly confirmed. In more touring news, we will be doing an Australian tour and making it to New Zealand for some shows as well. We cant wait to get over there as its pretty much our favorite place to play... no offense to anone anywhere else but, Australia rules. Right after Aus/NZ, we will be on our way to Europe for the Deconstruction Tour. We will start on May 5th in Paris and do all the shows from then on, then we will be doing a bunch of our own shows. Once again, all the dates will be posted on our website as they are confirmed.

In Video news, we have finally posted up our new video for the song "Analog." The video will be posted on our site as well as Fat Wreck Chords site and King Of Hearts Prod. site   . Our good friend Ryan Short over at K.O.H.P. and his crew, filmed this video for us. Here's how it went down. We played our show in Seattle at Graceland while on tour and then packed everything up and drove straight over to a warehouse that had been rented out and prepped for the video. By the time we got things all set back up and ready to startfilming, it was 2:00am. We filmed from 2:00am till 6:00am. It was awesome that we all pulled it off like we did and Ryan did a perfect job with the editing. We think the video came out incredible so, check it out. The video will also be playing on FUSE TV's Oven Fresh program starting Monday Feb.14th. Please go and vote for the video as the more votes we get, the more it will get played. We have won the voting on a few times now, lets see if we can conquer a win over at FUSE TV.

And finally, Jordan will be appearing in the April issue of Modern Drummer Magazine and he will also have a feature on himself and Erik Sandin in an upcoming summer issue of DRUM Magazine on how both him and Erik, are two punk drummers into motocross and their company Moto XXX. Jordan,Erik and Rory Koff (NUFAN) recently just competed in the Annual Suzuki Crossover Challenge race at the San Francisco Supercross during half time in frnt of 45,000 fans. Their team along with skate legend Steve Cabellero and Jet Ski champ Victor Sheldon took 3rd place overall which put the guys on the podium.

Ok, well thanks for reading all of thee above and of course thanks for all of your continued support for our band. As always, its greatly appreciated and we wouldn't be where we are today without such a strong loyal fan base. Hope to see everyone real soon... take care.

Strung Out

12.02 - Tour Dates & Radio Spot
More show dates have been posted in the tour section so be sure to take a look to see when we will be in your area. Good news for Australians...we are coming in April as it looks right now. Once we know for sure and show's are confirmed they will be posted. We are working on New Zealand as well. Canada and Europe will come in due time too. In other quick news, we will be on the "complete control" show on KDLA Indie 103.1 FM with host Joe Sib at 9:00pm this Thursday 1/2. Check out their website or you can just click here to listen online.

11.02 - Get 'Exile In Oblivion' Today!
The newest release from Strung Out is now available. Check out your local record store, or click the merch button and buy it online. We've also got an eCard for you to check as well as this new site!

10.25 - The Latest
Hello everyone, we hope that everyone that came to the Burton Rail Jam at 9 Star last Thursday night had a great time. We all had a good time and thought it was a great event. We just want to remind everyone once again that we are having our record release party this coming Saturday (October 30th) at 9 Star and then we head out on the road. Some more tour dates have been posted and as we get more shows confirmed, we will keep posting the shows so, keep an eye out. We will be coming to Texas and Florida (as well as other places) in January.

For everyone in Australia and New Zealand, looks like things are starting to slowly shape up for us coming back over for a tour in March. We will keep you posted. Once again a huge thank you to everyone that that decided to take advantage of pre ordering our new CD. Looks like by the time the deal expires, we will have pre sold 2500 copies. Its been a lot of work to sign them all but we were blown away by the huge response of the offer so we were glad to sign each and every CD. Of course be on the lookout for one of the 10 winning "Wonka" tickets.  See ya all at 9 Star next Saturday. It should be a good time with free food, drinks, booze, posters, and lots of giveaway stuff to be raffled off.

10.19 - 10 Lucky People Will Win !!!
While signing all the CDs from the presale special, we decided to add a little more excitement for everyone waiting for their order to arrive. Ten lucky people will win $50.00 worth of credit from our merch store on For the ten people that get a special CD, you will know you've won once you open your CD. Good luck to everyone!!! International orders will start to ship this week and the domestic orders will follow so everyone should have their CDs in due time.

10.14 - Mp3 # 2 - Analog
Well as most of you probably know, Fat Wreck Chords posted another Mp3 from our new album and we figured we should post it here too. We see that a lot of you have our course downloaded it and giving it an amazing response, which is of course making us quite happy. Well here is another link to Analog so keep enjoying till November 2nd when you can enjoy the whole cd in its entire.

Also, we've posted some new pics in the gallery from our recent European Tour - check them out here.

10.10 - 10/30 Los Angeles, Ca. 9 Star Action Sports Shop
Record Release Party!!!! Come on down and hang out with us and enjoy some free food and drinks as we celebrate the release of our new CD "Exile In Oblivion". We will be signing posters and giving away a lot of cool stuff like Strung Out catalog packages, free tickets to our upcoming LA area shows, stuff from Fat Wreck Chords, Volcom, Moto XXX, 9 Star giveaways (skateboards etc..) and whatever else we can think of to make for a good party. We will not be playing at this event but please do come down and have a good time.

10.10 - November U.S. Tour Dates Announced
We have posted the dates for our upcoming tour in November and we will soon be posting the dates for more U.S. touring to be done in December and January as the shows become confirmed.

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