Birthplace :
Los Angeles, California
1st Concert:
Bad Religion back in the OG days. I even own they're 7inch which was the first release ever on Epitaph. One of 1200 made i do believe. Ebay ? haha..not even.
Riding motocross, snowboarding, working on my house, going to shows, wakeboarding, skating, surfing, staying in touch with fans, Videography, Moto XXX, Eargasm, Karting, etc..
Favorite Cities:
Anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, Montreal Canada, Los Angeles, New York, shit..there's more...I like everywhere !!!
Musical Influence:
Rush, Adolecents, Iron Maiden, Bad Religion, Social Distortion, Police, uh..this list could be over it.
Funniest Thing on Tour:
Our sound man Elijah jumping into the dolphin tank at the Edmonton Mall in Canada and myself, Carter from Mad Caddies and Eli getting busted and taken to the mall jail where we had mug shots and fingerprints taken.
Scariest Thing on Tour:
A sketchy bus driver !!!
Favorite Movies: Fletch, Friday, The Green Mile, Jackass, etc........tons of movies are great.
Favorite Strung Out Album:
Its so hard to say, I really enjoy all of them. I don't think I have one favorite CD or one favorite song. I like em all equally.
Most Proud of:
In the June/July 2003 issue of DRUM Magazine, my runner up position in the readers poll for "best punk drummer of the year." Travis/Blink182 got 1st, I received 2nd, Byron/PW 3rd, and Josh Freese/Vandals 4th. For sure one of my most proud of moments in my drumming carreer. Thank you to anyone who actually voted for me. It blew me away.
Favorite Book:
Zodiac Killer, Monster, Helter Skelter
Guilty Pleasure:
Gambling...Ive been going to GA (Gamblers Anonymous) so im almost cured. Urges come and go
Favorite Video Game:
I only play one...Motocross Madness 2
Worst Band You Love: White Snake